Let your curiosity bloom

Welcome to the mad world of Mad Lilly Spritzers and Tonic. We are so glad you’re here. Our award-winning, so tasty, cannabis-infused spritzers will lift your spirits (without spirits) while our tonic is the perfect elixir for a gorgeous, blissful night’s sleep. Yes, Mad Lilly is as good as it sounds.

Explore what’s possible

What a delight: Our spritzers are a simple blend of fruit juice, bubbles, and cannabis. The low-dose balance of THC and CBD will leave you uplifted and in control. New to cannabis? Sip slowly and savor the experience.

Cheers to us

Let Mad Lilly be your guide. Pop open a can and drink to a world outside your usual.

Sink softly to sleep

Drift into your dreams with Mad Lilly Sleep Tonic. Just the right blend of CBN, THC, and CBD make this a lovely nighttime routine. Lightly sweetened lemon juice and the calming effects of lemon balm and lavender will have you counting down the minutes 'til bedtime.

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